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Friday, March 31, 2006

The best way to say I love Me must be to indulge, pamper and relax totally. Went to coffee bean to do some marking and then study. Geez. I have not been this productive for a very long time. I even did som exercise. Wah. If only I can keep this up. I guess not. Its a coincidence I got to meet ZhiCheng there. Haven't seen him for quite some time. Haiz. No more interest in blogging so thats all for now.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The bell.
Why strike the bell when its all quiet? When knock on someone's door when there is peacefulness. Is there a reason?
All is fine and time has heal. Let time tell what the heart cannot reveal.
I have learnt to let go of what i have picked up. There is nothing more to cause a stir, not now.
If all is good is all you need to know, then all is good.
Different? Yes. Good? Indeed.
Why knock then.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Songs and Lyrics
I just finished watching the series . Although some parts of the show is totally ridiculous, the who idea behind itis truly touching. You will see that the plot is good if you understand the stuff they say. Does unconditional and eternal loev exist? Only in the show?

Here I have the lyrics of two soundtracks.

一直很安静 <--try clicking









六月的雨<---try clicking too


wo 我不相信

wo 我不忍心




wo 我不相信

wo 我不忍心



天涯海角 is in the heart.
If you have never picked it up
how do you put it down

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I am back
It has been a long time since i last blogged. And how have life been so far? Let me just say that there is nothing much to look forward to these days. Actually, I have expected this before ORD. If you refer to my older entries, I already knew life will come to a standstill. There is nothing exciting, nothing challenging and nothing to send the heart pounding. All that remains is repetitive boredom. Day after day. The same things to do, the same things heard and the same things said. A new movie, a new sport. No doubt something new, but nothing meaningful and exciting. Nothing worth more than a moment of thought.
Teaching was something new, but it soon became a routine as well. My week passed slowly. coming hpme at 3pm daily, all i did was play dota and watch tv. nothing productive. I thing I lack discipline. The discipline to be consistent with my work and studies. I can scold myself everytime i start slacking but without the discipline, when will I achieve my goals? Haiz
I know I am good. BUt I am definitely not "there" yet. I ain't complete. I know.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

I shall slack for a while...
before I get started with working. Haiz, I have not experienced this for a long time: Coming home from brunch on a sunday knowing that there is work waiting for me. Gosh, this feels so much like school days, when there is always homework waiting for me. This time round it is different in the sense that work=earnings. It is my conviction that nothing comes without hardwork so for the time being thats the only motivation driving me.


Being set in a stage of overdrive mode can be a double edge sword at times. On one hand, it can overtax you. Like now, I have got a test paper to set. Sec school and JC Physics to recap. Work schedules to plan. Intership interviews to fight for. Market research proposals to read through. There is more, but investments are non-core matters. But if you look at it from another perspective, being offered 3 jobs at the same time feels great. I have the option of taking up one or more. And my friends benefit too when i pass them my job. Not bad right? And being busy takes your mind off rubbish.

Don't even try to associate me with the "Horlick" word here (pun intended). I have been slacking too much. Been going to town like twice a week. Movies once a week. Saturdays have always been interesting. Last sat I went to sentosa. Yesterday I went back to NJ to play soccer. Oh talkign about that, it felt fantastic. I felt 3 years younger and realise how NS have flashed by.
15 more minutes and it will be 2pm. Grrggg. Siow Ween's birthday party tonight!!

Shall write her something here instead of on a card. So this portion is dedicated to Oen Siow Ween:

Hey Ween,
I just realised we have known each other for 4 yrs already. Guess this is the first time I attend your birthday party. So fast, you 21 already. I have some 9 months to catch up. haha. Ween, not getting any younger le leh. Hahaha. I think you mentioned the last time you wish for happiness for your birthday? I think it will come true cos tonight at your birthday party you should be happy shouldn't you? And this joy will surely spill over the rest of the year and into forever. Happy birthday again Ween.

The Great<---Title

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Despite all attempts of hard work and chionging, I have missed my target savings for this month. The month haven't ended and I have already spent more than what I should be spending. This is seriously bad!!! Considering the petrol bills which I am likely to foot towards the end of March when dad goes to china, and basic living expenses, projected savings will be at least 25% short of target. Now i am praying that my teaching salary is understated. Haiz.
Ok. No more bowling for the month of March (gonna miss out on the $2/game offer for march...sob!). No more extravagent dinning. Kelvin, forget about buying the Mio peadant.Haiz, my income isn't as high as I expect. Guess I am gonna have a hard time trying to fork out money to dye my hair next month when my income decreases. Now i seriously pray I can get the business analyst job. Must buck up for the interview.
I went for one that day, and had a feel of strollign along shenton way in the morning. Wah, it really feels different compared with going to JTC. Haha. Maybe someday I will get to work at some Wall Street company. That will seriously be exciting.
While talking with Wenhui and Jieren yesterdat, I started to think that my father is really being unrealistic, with reference to my sister's future. I don't want to be a wet blanket so, I shall let her go ahead and try what she wants. Anyway, this is a summary:
With the release of my sister's A level results, she is stuck in a situation of deciding what next. She has the option of trying for a local U or a private one. I personally advise on getting a diploma or degree through a part time or full time private school. My sister's stand is that she can get into a programme with NIE, which pays for full term of studies through the four years and pays 1600/month for the first 2 years. She will graduate with a degree in education. If she feels like dropping out of MOE after a 4 yrs bond, she will be a geographer(or something like that).
This is my blog so i believe I have the right to statre my views without being a wet blanket. As her brother and as the messiah of Zentenism, I uphold the idea that one should encourage another to carry on his/her will even if one does not believe it is best for him/her.
My dad is quite proud of her for her suppossed good planning. This I cannot concur. Firstly, it is unrealistic, considering how well MOE is paying for the scheme. full years studies, monthly pay for first 2 years? It sure sounds like some scholarship. And even SAF scholarship doesn't pay that much monthly allowance. Please remember also, the stringent selection process involved. How accurate is the information on the teaching scheme? Upon graduation, her pay will rise to around 3000 plus at the 4th year of bond. Waoh! That is fucking alot of money. Common sense starts to vomit the truth: If such a scheme is really in existent and the pay is so good, why should people with straight As be paying thousands a year to get professional degrees in Law, Accountacy, Chem engineering, Architecture and the list goes on. Comparing the above scenarios, why are people slogging away to get a 3k pay after 4 yrs of studies. You get my drift? POI: An accountant pays around 3-4k after 4 yrs of increment. Okk, assuming the information is accurate, I being to wonder what are the chances of her successfully qualifying for the MOE scheme? I won't be amazed to find people with fantastic results appling for it as well if it really pays that well.
Assuming she does come out with the expected pay and degree in education but somehow wishes to switch line, I believe she will run into the problem of not being able to find a job because of the type of degree she is holding. And, we all know, civil servants are not worth that much in terms of value when they attempt to cross over to the private sector. Now, what really amuses me is that my father, with his self-proclaimed foresight fail to see this. Does he sincerly believe that my sis can be a geographer and go around the world doing research like she said? Maybe as a research assistant. But even then, chances are she will still need the relevant qualifications. And we all know such jobs are really hard to come by. We can drop the idea of her being a researcher cos who is going to fund her, for research? Without at least a Masters?
My take is that if my sis is really not keen on furthering her studies in a Uni, she should go forth and find a proper job. She is doing pretty well at Goodwood right now. Why not consider a shatec course or something like that and then get a firm job there? The pay is decent and with my sister's extrovent character, she will do well in the service line. Even then, she should plan ahead for future upheaveals. Part time school to get a diploma at least?
What really disappoints me and makes me feel like speaking up is my dad. I think it is time he realises that he is losing the lustre he once use to have. He is not as sharp as he used to be in terms of his reasoning and evaluation of situations. This does put me in a dilemma. I wish to speak up because it is my sister's future I am talking about here. But I don't want to discourage her by telling her that singapore is no fairy tale world. You need a cert to get a stable job. And to get a cert, you got to be up to the minimum requirement. And lastly, as a girl, it is socially accepted if you just get married and live off your husband as a housewife. This is not discrimination!!! This is a fact of life.
Its time my dad realises that this is highly competitive world. There are always poeple fighting for the same job and school as you. If everything is so smooth sailing, I will be studying neuroscience in UK already won't I? I wasn't bitter when I couldn't realise my dream. I accepted the fact that despite having good grades, I lost to people who were better and hence couldn't get a scholarship. You gotta be versatile and adapt accordingly to survive. No? You can't just keep planning and then try to stick to your plan without realising that you are not alone. It is no more about competing with yourself to be at your best. You got to outwin others. And so my father thought I was being unrealistic and not practical when I want to take exams for a CMFAS cert!! And he said there is no free lunch when I told him I was applying for internship!!! Gosh!!! What irony!!?? What was he think!!??
Haha. Ween invited us to her post birthday party this sunday!! yeah. Sound fun!!!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Quiet moments
My present job gives me a great deal of time with myself. I must say that besides reading forbes, I occupy my time with healthy procrastination as well. Yesterday, I took some time sorting out an unresolved issue. I believe my mind is clear now, being able to see what's best for myself. I should be fair to myself, without being mean to anyone. Promises I have met, I should keep. I should not give in to spurts of emotions. Neither should I put imagination into potraying the future. That is totally bad. Life is too short to worry, but I doesn't give us the right to hurt anyone or break our promises.

Today, a manager(I am not too sure who he is) was talking to Doreen who will be leaving veloxity soon. His words were filled with experience. Valuable words of experience which may be irrelevant to me now, but which definitely will be of use in the future. I was glad he didn't mind my presence though it was their conversation. And then I got to speak with Livia, who gave first hand insight on being an accountant. She took time to explain the job prospects after graduation and I was quite thankful. The thought of changing my smu course to Business and Econs struck me. Why spend 4 years getting an accounting degree when you can do it in 2 years with ACCA, which is of an equal if not higher level. If I do that, I will have to mug through my first 2 years to get my ACCA and by year 4 when I graduate, I will have a total of 3 qualifications. I questioned the need for that. Infact, if I seriously want to chiong, I can bia the IBF exams in year 3 and 4. By the time I graduate at the age of 24, I will have the following:
A Degree in Business and Econs, ACCA qualifications, CFA license. Impressive it will be but I guess it is not necessary. I does open up my choices but with no experience, I won't go far. So I have come to a conclusion that I will take my time. Ideally.
Year 1 -AFP
Year 2 -4 Get my Degree in Business, double major in Banking/Finance/Marketing
Degree in accountancy
Pass the level 6 IBF exam to qualify for a CFA license
Post graduate: 3 Years in an accounting firm (auditor or accountant? Hmm?)
27 yrs old: Go to a smaller audit firm working at a management level. Meanwhile, work towards MBA
30 yrs of age and still raging: Management position in investment banking sector
35 and still a bull: Business maybe? If not a high level job in a financial company.
40 and golden: Show what I am really made of.

Well, all this are idealised plans. I am quite certain I won't get to stick by them. But I will try to run along this lane of progression. Keep pushing the limits. One thing I learnt though my experience talking and working with entrepreneurs, ambition is necessary but being realistic is a must. Infact, the worlds most successful businessmen didn't start doing business till they were in their late thirties. I used to believe that starting early and equipped with the right entrepreneurial spirit, one will succeed. That is Sim Wong Fu, but being realistic, he got lucky when he invented the sound card. Bill gates struck gold with MS-DOS. There are more, but thats about it. Li Ka-Shing, Trump, Bill Ford, Soros and the many more Kings of MNCs, they started off smart, working their way to the top. Contacts make or break a business plan and it takes years to establish a name for yourself before it would be easy to start up a firm. You can invent a teleporting device tomorrow, but without the right contacts, you will probably get swallowed by some big corps. That is the real world. Think big, but know that big is for the future, knowing your next step is more than enough.
Hmm...Time to sleep and work tomorrow?

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

At long last, the weekend has arrived. Been looking forward to the weekends because my work is seriously boring. Its worse than going to school. At least it is lively back in JC and everyday just flies by.
Went to Ritz Carlton's pub that night and had the best VSOP I ever had. Plus, there was this babe who was so hot I can't describe her in words without undermining her beauty. The look of her white baggy bareback still lingers in my memory. This is lust.
Wasted an hour queuing up at singtel yesterday to get a phone. And then when I was halfway through the transaction i terminated it. Thanks my mom for her last minute moves. Haiz. Had to go back again at night and queue again. As a result missing out one hour of my drama serial and also one hour of Liu Yi Fei.Sobs.
I just set up the lifestyle blog, to be maintained by a consortium of blogger/authors including myself. Will be writing Bling Bling for man there. So please hop over to: http://clublife.blogspot.com
There will be write-ups on fashion, clothings, lifestyle, extreme sports, events in town, restaurants, pubs and cafes worth visiting. Please do show some support. And if you wish to write as well, just leave a comment with your email. Will see what we can do.

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